"I long to accomplish a great and noble task,
but it is my chief duty to accomplish small
tasks as if they were great and noble."
Helen Keller

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Calendar Girls

Who are the calendar girls, you ask???? We are a group of blogging friends that love to create. And what do the Calendar Girls do? They rise to the challenge before them! There are ten of us in this little group and each of us picked a month that we would like to be the hostess. When it is our turn to be the hostess, we pick the challenge and everyone in the group creates a card or an ABAC item based on that challenge. I am Miss August!

For our first challenge, we were to create a card or an ABAC that reflects the month that we are the hostess. Secondly, we were to use our favorite embellishment. And, THIRDLY (cuz that is Jeanette's favorite number - she cracks me up. Love her!!) we were to use our newest paper crafting toy/tool. And we could not run out and buy a new toy for this challenge. Nope, it had to be something we had already purchased or received as a gift.
And since I am Miss August, and where I live, school starts in August, and since no matter how old my kids get, they love to buy school supplies...I created a ABAC item with a school theme. I made this cute "post-it note tote" (see tutorial at http://www.stampingschool.com/). I used a digi stamp from Dee Dee's Digis. I fell in love with this digi when I saw it quite some time ago and just had to purchase it. I love the sentiment that goes with it. You can find this digi at: http://deedeesdigis.blogspot.com/. I found the cute post-it note pad in the dollar section of Target.

I am not sure that brads are my most ABSOLUTE, favorite embellishment but I sure like them, and I use them a lot!! For my newest toy/tool, I used a new paper cutter that my son gave me for Christmas. It's hot pink!! (Matches Kelly's pants and flip-flops! ROFL!!!)
Thanks for stopping by! And to see the other great Calendar Girl creations, please see my sidebar for their blogs! Have a great weekend!


:: BlueInks :: said...

Okay, Crayola called and wants to use your 'post it note tote'! Sassy, how cute is that?! Pretty cute. Nice job!

:: BlueInks :: said...

Post it note tote.....I just like saying that....post it note tote...go ahead, try it, you know you wanna! Post it note tote...

Barb said...

Love your tote--how creative. Love the colors and enjoyed reading your story too.

MiamiKel said...

Ohhhh my goodness, how sweet it is! I spy with my little eye one gorgeous lil tote! This is a cute digi, one of my faves and so beautifully done with your tote and matching pad - how cute! What a gorgeous representation of your month! x0x0

Jeanette (Forest Ranger) said...

Post it note tote... post it note tote! Tami's right. It IS fun to say Post it note tote! LOL!

WOWzer! Debbie, your Post it note tote is sooooooooooo cute! And functionale. And perfectly school-themed. Love it!!!

Of course you used the perfect image and the perfect colors (primary) for such a fun project!

Well done, Miss August!

April said...

Perfect, Debbie!! I love what you crafted up! And, so appropriate for August (would be pushing it up a month here - but Kyle would like that)

Carol W said...

What a great idea. I love this tote. Thanks also for sharing the sites. You have done a wonderful job on this and what a great gift this would make. You come up with the greatest ideas...Well done...♥♥♥

Terry Ladwig said...

Debbie that is too cute! I love the image and the sentiment...you don't have to use it for school either! LOVE it!!

Thanks for posting the link to the tutorial....I appreciate people pointing me in the right direction and giving me a nudge to do something new!!

Glad you're a Calendar Girl!

Hugs to you!!


Darlene said...

What can I say, Debbie? This is TOO CUTE!! School starts here in Aug. too, so you hit the nail on the head for your month. This is just perfect, I can smell the new crayons from here.

Silver MLM said...

I love this tote bag! Wonderful idea!
Kenneth Copeland

~Paola~ said...

Hurrahhh and 3 cheers for creativity lil dj!!
This is such a darn adorableee project Miss August, and so handy to have too!!I loveee the colorful image you used on your tote note,quite fitting and the sentiment is oh so perfect too! *tfs*♥

Anonymous said...

How ADORABLE!!! It's so fun that you found crayon post-its to match the image. Such a super sweet project you've made, and must perfect for August! :-)